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Client reviews


Julie is an amazing! She has been so understanding and helpful through my recovery and my mental health has improved so much. I am so grateful to her for this and couldn't recommend her more if you are looking for a therapist.


Going to see Julie enabled me to find a new perspective on my way of thinking. She was very welcoming and easy to talk to, she provided me with many tools to help with anxieties and worries. I am very grateful that I found Julie, her approach has definitely helped me and I will continue to apply the work we have done long after our sessions have ended. Thanks Julie


I work as a HCP, with over 25 years experience and frequently come across people with mental health issues. Little did I know, that I was to experience PTSD following a works accident. When I asked Julie for help, my head was in a mess and I had experienced previous failed counselling via my OH dept. Julie listened to my situation and my needs with compassion and quickly understood my position. She switched a light on and showed me the way out of my personal depression and low self esteem and helped me conquer my fears and literally gave me my life and career back. As with treating all illness, it takes two to tango, so if you are prepared to try and work your way out, Julie will provide you with her knowledge and support 100%. I rate her professionalism so highly and would recommend her to anyone who has been where I once was. Thanks Julie :-)

Client reviews


The hardest thing for me was accepting that I needed to see someone, I thought I could get by, simply carry on with the tablets and battle through. As matters got progressively worse I finally plucked up the courage to contact Julie.

It was the best thing I could have ever done, Julie helped me understand what was going on in my mind. She mixed compassion with honest appraisal, this is just what I needed. We worked hard together, she provided me with the frameworks to help me get back on my feet. The techniques Julie taught me were taylored, Julie was quick to realise that some treatments weren't going to work for somebody like me, she understands we are all different and products of our unique pasts. I remember one particular day, whilst going through the CBT process, when I started to notice just how beautiful the world we live in actually is. It was a revelation, the clouds were dissipating, I felt a sense of optimism that I hadn't felt for such a long time.

I have now completed the CBT course and thanks to Julie have never felt more positive, happy and content in my life.

If you have felt the same way, don't be afraid of contacting Julie. She is amazing, it will be the start of a new positive chapter in your life.


've been in therapy on and off for almost 15 years. Some of it helped deal with some of the short term problems but seeing Julie truly turned my life around. Julie helped me learn about myself and my feelings. How to respect and understand the way human brains work and how it impacted me. She helped me deal with the root of my problems rather than treating the symptoms. Julie is kind and supportive helping you to get to where you need to be so you're content with life. I cant recommend her enough. Thank you Julie you helped me turn my life around.


I will be eternally grateful to Julie for providing me with the tools to get my life back on track. As a young woman, I have struggled on and off with OCD throughout my life, (particularly 2018 through to 2019) and I can wholeheartedly say that confiding in Julie is one of the best life decisions I have made. She pushed me to challenge my own thoughts and compulsions with the upmost compassion and here I find myself, sat on my sofa writing this review - a million miles away from feeling how I used to. I can’t recommend enough. Thank you so much.


I completed a full course of CBT with Julie and can honestly say I now feel like a different person. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for decades and Julie's compassionate, focused and structured approach has given me the 'tools' I needed to move forward and actually enjoy my life. I cannot recommend Julie more highly and can't thank her enough for all her help and support.


I would not hesitate to recommend Julie to anyone. She is extremely compassionate and understanding and the sessions are completely focused around you, and how you can progress and understand your mental health. I would not be where I was today without the help of Julie. I implement the techniques I have learnt in the sessions throughout my day to day life. Thank you for everything Julie

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