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How to overcome depression

How to overcome depression

It is estimated that 1 in 4 of us now suffer from depression. Depression can affect any of us at any time. There are many famous people who have suffered from depression including Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, Eminem and Jim Carrey. Depression is not about human weakness or lack or strength.

If you have ever suffered from depression it can be paralysing and can/does affect every aspect of our lives including not just how we think and feel but our concentration, sleep, energy levels and even our sex life.

How to overcome depression

The cognitive behavioural view is that depression is not just caused by what happens to people but the meaning people give to those events. This can be influenced by beliefs people hold about themselves, the world and the future. Often the way people think is influenced by their past experiences which influence what they believe about themselves and the world.

People who are suffering from depression often hold views like

· Themselves for example “I’m useless, inadequate, worthless and pathetic”

· the world for example “There is no point in this world, nothing ever works out”

· the future for example “It will always be like this, I will never get better”

Holding these views can directly influence the way people experience things. Often people with depression will pay attention to, remember and interpret information that is consistent with these views and struggle to see information that might not fit for example – If we attend an interview but don’t manage to get the job we may believe we failed to get the job because we are useless and inadequate, there is no point even trying in this world and I will never find a job. There may have been 1000s of applicants and many people interviewed but rather than see how well we have done to even get an interview we will focus on the information that reinforces our painful view of ourselves and the world.

Depression can also affects behaviour. When people feel depressed often they engage in much less positive activity and withdraw socially as they want to hide away. This affects their experience of positive emotions and also their relationships with other further spiralling them into a deeper depression.

How to overcome depression

CBT is one of the leading therapies recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence in the treatment of depression. In CBT therapy the client and therapist work together to identify the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are maintaining the depression. Once these have been identified interventions are then used to address these maintaining patterns and lift the depression.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression don’t suffer alone. There are many great self-help programmes out there to help tackle depression including Centre for Clinicial Interventions. If you would like support on your journey through depression by a qualified CBT therapist please contact me on 07725516391 visit the website or email

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